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Knuckles Championship Wrestling was founded upon by the history that Kansas City once had in professional wrestling. Many a famous wrestling star from the days of wrestling territories graced the squared circle of KC, including Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Andre the Giant, Roddy Piper, and most importantly, Kansas City native and legend, Harley Race.

KCW harkens back to those days, when this Midwestern State was once an important part of wrestling history from an era forgotten by many. Kansas City may be known for its barbeque, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Kansas City Royals, but the wrestling world is about to find out why the spirit of pro wrestling flows through KC.

Why Choose KCW?

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KCW's Retro Aesthetic

The wrestling in Knuckles Championship Wrestling is a throwback to the days when wrestling was hard-hitting and gruesome, but there was a heart to it. A heart that beat through the fans as you booed in disgust at the bad guys and cheered in hope for the heroes. While British Strong Style and Japanese Strong Style prove to be vicious and brutal in physical nature, American Strong Style is what we at KCW aim for. Get ready for an evolutionary flashback!

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Are You An Interested Talent?

Are you a wrestler that wants to bring your talents to a stage that can utilize them - no cheap thrills or theatrics? Look no further, for our team of instructors will shine you up to be the star you crave to be, and you'll have the crowds eating out of the palm in your hand or booing you out of the building.